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You make use of templates by running wagon init with the --template or -t option, like so:. To start, create a directory to store your templates in. Next, we need to create a sub-directory that will hold our template. This sub-directory will simply be a collection of files to be created in the root directory of the wagon site when this template is used. We could create each of these files by hand, but to save time, this example will use a new, blank Wagon site as the base.

The new site template can now be used by running wagon commands with the --lib option. The instructions above show you how to create a collection of files to serve as a Wagon site tempalte. However, there are several other special features worth noting.

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As you may have noticed, empty directories in a site template are not recreated in sites using the template. To force an empty directory to be created, include an empty file named. So, for the site template we started above, we might want to add several.

Since the wagon generate command is powered by Thor , templates can make use of Thor's ERB templates. To demonstrate this ability, let's add a Thor template to our site template.

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One solution might be to remove the version altogether. Just to try out Thor templates, let's change the Gemfile to lock Wagon at whatever version of Wagon was used to create a new site.

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Start by adding the tt Thor Template extension to the file. Let's change it so that the Gemfile will use whatever version of Wagon was used when the wagon site using this template was created.

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rb-fsevent. Very simple & usable Mac OSX FSEvents API. Signals are working ( really); Tested on MRI , RBX , JRuby and ; Tested on . FSEvents API with signals handled (without RubyCocoa) - thibaudgg/rb-fsevent.

By default, it has two values:. The final special feature this guides will cover is the ability to prompt for input when running wagon init and then use that input in a site template. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information.

Install Sass and Compass

It also was the most problematic and often the slowest. For example ZenTest , compass etc.. The binary is codesigned with my Travis Tilley Developer ID as an extra precaution when distributing pre-compiled code and contains an embedded plist describing its build environment. And from that I found the full command I needed. I decided this morning to write a blog post related to Rust.

I'm running guard in my Rails app and the test suite minutest has recently stopped working properly. If I'm lucky, it'll run all of the tests once, maybe twice.

Обновление пакета с ошибкой для github-страниц

After that, it takes so long to respond to even one small test file being changed that using the gem becomes futile. Even once all tests are run and I haven't made any changes to the file. I resolved it, by adding an 'ignore' statement to my Guardfile. For my rails 3 project it looked like this. My colleague works on linux on the same project, so he uses rb-inotify instead of rb-fsevent. He's got no load while idling as you would expect for mac os too Learn more about Teams. Ask Question.

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Vagrant RSYNC-AUTO failing on OSX ~10.11

As written above, my solution was to add an 'ignore' statement to my Guardfile. Thanks - I actually reached the same answer eventually.

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I was surprised - I thought watch would implicitly ignore files that weren't included github. I've been trying to solve this for forever!