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List of software that supports Office Open XML
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It can also be used to batch convert multiple Open XML documents. A couple caveats about the converter: According to a notice on the application's splash screen, "Some Open XML files contain content that was created using features that are not available in older versions of Office.

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After conversion, this content might look different from the original version, and you might not be able to edit it. The converter arrives a bit late to the show, joining several other Mac applications that support the format natively. For example, Apple's free bare-bones word processing application, TextEdit 1.

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This drag-to-delete method works in all versions of Mac OS X. Most 3rd party apps can be smoothly uninstalled in that way, but you cannot delete built-in apps by doing this.

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The information presented here is subject to change without notice. October 29, You can manually delete all the accompanying components as well, but it would be better to run the specialized uninstaller to fully remove the application alone with its bundled software or associated items. In the window that appears, you can choose a different format or set up any additional options. Retrieved November 29, Are you balking at the prices of the latest Apple and Samsung flagships?

Some apps installed using the Mac package installer will prompt you for a password when you try to move it to the Trash. Any time you change your mind and wanna undo the deletion of apps or files, just right click the item in the Trash and select Put Back option.

Open XML files in Office 2004 and later

This tap-and-hold method is applicable for the apps installed through the App Store, and it requires OS X lion or later. This way cannot uninstall built-in apps as well.

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Download Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac. Convert Office Open XML files to a format that is compatible with Microsoft. Open XML Converter allows you to convert Open XML files that XML Format so that you can open and edit the files in Office for Mac and.

It is worth mentioning that, some applications for Mac come with their own dedicated uninstallers, e. Adobe and Microsoft.

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Those apps will install additional software to provide extended functions, or place library files and associated application dependencies elsewhere in OS X. You can manually delete all the accompanying components as well, but it would be better to run the specialized uninstaller to fully remove the application alone with its bundled software or associated items. As for some apps that are built in macOS, you can either run commands in the Terminal to delete it, or try the uninstall tool offered in the last section of this post.

Most OS X application are self-contained packages that can be easily uninstalled by dragging them to the Trash, but there are exceptions too. Some of you may wonder if the classic methods mentioned above help remove the associated files or folders created by Office Open XML File Format Converter 1. Well, even though completely uninstalling apps on OS X is much more simple than that on Windows, you may need to check if there are support and preference files left on your hard drive after Office Open XML File Format Converter 1. There are tow locations where apps store their preferences and supporting files, and both are named Library.

Application components may appear in a wide range of locations, including but not limited to the aforementioned file paths.

For the leftovers that are not obvious to identify, you might do a Google search for the app components, and perform the removal carefully. Look for an all-in-one solution to handling any application removal on your Mac? Retrieved October 9, October 13, Archived from the original on October 17, April 10, Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved October 7, June 24, Archived from the original on December 22, November 17, Apache POI. Words -.