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Forgot Mac Password? How to Reset Your Mac Password (with or without CD)

Probably you are just prompted to do that at startup after Mac admin password reset, such as on Yosemite, or constantly asked to enter the keychain password after Mac login. Regardless of which happens, resetting keychain password would help you access Keychain again.

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Click it and enter the new login password in Password field to create new keychain. Quit Keychain Access and restart Mac.

A new login keychain will recollecting and storing the passwords for Wi-Fi networks, email accounts, Web sites, and other logins as they occur. If you cannot work with Keychain Access because of something like Messages Agent constantly asking for the forgotten login keychain password, you can use command line to reset Keychain password in single user mode. After you are prompted to enter a command-line after numerous lines of status messages, type this command to mount the root Mac OS X drive as writable.

Click Update Keychain Password and enter the old password at startup, or continue login and enter old password when you are asked. Open Keychain Access and right click on login , and choose the option Change Password for Keychain "Login" from pop-up menu. Enter the old password in "Current Password" field and new password in "New Password" box. The screen will shake each time you press Return, with the third shake generating the password hint which will appear below the Password field.

Hopefully this initiates a Eureka Moment making you remember the Login and brings an end to the password perils.

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Fortunately, there are an array of other solutions to finding your password. In the event that you happen to share your Mac with another person, and they have their own account, you can use their Login to reset your password. Or, if you have a different account on the Mac that you know the password to, you can recover your Mac admin password by following these steps:.

1. Get a password hint

Apple should inform more of this to basic users so they could protect data and files much better! Boot into Recovery by holding down the key combination command-R at startup. June 6, at pm. Help please! User profile for user: stevejobsfan stevejobsfan

Now, the password for that account has been changed, allowing you to log in using the new password. Luckily, there is an alternative solution to recovering your password. The best way to protect your data is to active FileVault encryption. To turn it on and set it up:.

Keychain Password Reset

Once done, you will receive a Recovery Key and a password, which you should take note of. Another effective way to protect the data on your Mac is to download tried and tested app CleanMyMac X.

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With automatic clean-ups and regular system monitors, your data is continuously observed and safeguarded from any piracy or hacking. If all else fails, Target Disk Mode can help you recover whatever you can from the lost Mac.

How to reset your Mac password if you forgot it without losing any data! 2019

Using another Mac, you can access the hard drive on the lost Mac and save any wanted data. The hard drive from the lost Mac should now appear, allowing you to recover and save wanted data onto the new Mac. How To.

Reset Mac Password – without a CD or Boot Drive

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