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Like it don't even last 15 hours. I don't usually hear music as often with the Ue but only practice. For example, it be charge I use it two hours. The next day comes it be on 30 percent. I don't know why or understand. I charge it for long period of time thinking it's the issue, however the problem still consist. I hope you guys can help me. I have a problem of listening music online from youtube using UE Boom 2 speaker. It used to work sometimes back and stopped in the middle. Besides, it works from IPhone 7 music offline but not directly from YouTube online. Please advise thanks.

Hey guys. Pls help me , thanks :. So i have a ue mega boom speaker but it seems to not turn on completely i charged it but nothing shows or charged and charged it for a day and still nothing.

When I try to turn the volume down pushing the - button on the UE 2 it is at maximum and way too loud it does not lower in volume but keeps repeating how charged the battery is. My ue boom 2 has weak blue tooth strength. I thought it was my Iphone but it seemes like it does it with all phones.

Any ideas on what can it be. My speaker turns on makes a power on noise then turns off. Same problem here. Bluetooth is on , volume is up on both Megaboom speaker and iPhone and still no volume from speaker. And battery is fully charged.

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Unfortunately Speaker fell into the washing machine. Since it is a waterproof so thought would be alright. Stopped working in few minutes and went dead. Tried opening it and put it in the sun for hours and it start working again. Do I need to buy another phone or UE boom?? My UE boom speaker is connecting fine to my computer and makes the connection noise and turning on noise, however no sound comes out when I play music from my computer.

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The music on the computer plays fine without the speaker but nothing through it. Please help! To everybody out there having issues with there booms.

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Contact Logitech and tell them your speakers sound is distorted and they will send you a brand new one. I did it last week because my speakers sound is a little distorted at high volume. I have the ue boom 1 and they replaced it with a ue boom 2 phantom edition free of charge. Got it 2 days ago delivered. BTW, they didn't even want the old speaker back or pictures or anything. The speaker stays on.

It's not my Android phone, it's definitely the speaker. I've tried the factory reset but still irritatingly doing it. Have I accidentally reset something by accident? Sons UE boom 2 has issue! Any suggestions. Hi any suggestion please!! How can I fix this problem? Not really too sure what this is about as it has worked perfectly well in the past!

Anyone know about this?? Thank You! I forgot about the pairing button on my boom and true everything else to pair my new ph! I forgot about the pairing button on my boom and tried everything else to pair it with my new oh! My UE Boom 2 stops playing music every time i get a notification on my phone. Why does it do this. My UEBoom 2 stops playing music every time i get a notification.

I then have to keep pressing play every time it shuts off. Then reattempt -the devices will then pair. Gary Oz. Now stuck with a half working device. Thanks logitech. Never again! Is there a fix for this? It's really annoying, to the point I'm thinking of trashing it. Still didnt work. Speaker 3 after a few months …………….

For me it helped to deactivate WLAN on my mobile phone to pair it with my mobile phone without reset my UE Megaboom to factory defaults!! My UE Boom has stopped turning on nor is the charging indicator light turning on while having it plugged in. The one thing that is working is the pairing light is on and has been for a couple of days now. Might this be an indication that my battery has seen better days?

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Anyone have any other suggestions? I am having problem charging my 6 month old, hardly used Boom 2. At first there is a tiny blinking light when charging, after 20 mins no more light. However the speaker now cant even be switch on. Anyone having this issue? My UE Boom died after years of reliable service. First started playing horrible noise after playing fine for an hour. Now light comes on, showed paired with phone but no sound.

Im having problem connecting with my UE Megaboom everytime I try to connect it says incorrect pin or passkey error. I have already tried factory reset but its still not working.

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When I run ipconfig to get my ip address i get following mssg: -- A device attached to the system is not functioning. Either way; once you have a DOS box open, then you run the commands. For a while that left my mind, because I have a tendency to unnecessarily complicate things, and I thought each computer gets a dynamically assigned IP even if they're all behind a router Will be put to good use asap, to play with my home server. Aaron - Click the "Details" button for even more info. Yes, visit dyndns.

Please assist Asap. My phone is a LG G4 and when I connect it to the ue boom 2 it doesn't make any noise out of the speaker. My speaker on the phone plays the music. What do I do? I just tried resetting the phone to factory according to the troubleshooting instructions by pressing the power button and -volume and it turned off after making a sound.

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Then when I turned on the UE megaboom the bluetooth light never stops blinking! Even when I turn it off and turn it back on the light blinks non stop. Did I just break my speaker?

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Several second gaps occur making the listening impossible. It works perfectly okey with just one Megaboom, so Im thinking this could be an issue with the app? After spending a signifant amount in the second Megaboom, I wish I could listen to Spotify in stereo. Any tricks for this problem? Hey i have the ue megaboom all blacks edition and theres an update yesterday and after the update everytime i turn my speaker on it doesnt do the haka anymore pls help.

My ue speaker will not shut off or pair with devices? Can anyone tell me whats going on with speaker. My Bluetooth signal light is on without going off and if you want to switch on the speaker it dosnt come. I cannot get my two ue boom 2 speakers to pair. I have up to date firmware and have followed the instructions to the letter. Either will work alone but not together. Is one of them faulty? It pairs, then drops, in an endless cycle, to the point its now unusable.

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